Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rites of the Catholic Church (Part 1)

A “rite” is simply a liturgical tradition (the way they worship) that a church uses. The liturgy differs from one rite to the next but they all are in communion with the Pope in Rome. There are six rites:

1- Alexandrian
2- Antiochian
3- Armenian
4- Byzantine (Constantinopolitan Rite)
5- Chaldean
6- Latin

Under these six rites are 23 independent churches, all of which are in communion with the Pope in Rome.

Each of the six rite use a different Liturgy based on the liturgy of either St. Mark, St. Basil or St. James.

Alexandrian: St. Mark
Antiochian:  St. James
Armenian:  St. Basil
Byzantine:  A mix of several Saints but primarily St. James and St. Basil.
Chaldean: based on Antiochian liturgy, that is based on the liturgy of St. James
Latin:   Apostolic Succession

  1. Alexandrian
    1. Coptic Church
    2. Ethiopian Copics (Ge’ez)

  1. Antiochian
    1. Syrian Church
    2. Syro-Malankara Church
    3. Maronite

  1. Armenian
    1. Armenian Church

  1. Chaldean
    1. Chaldean Church
    2. Syro-Malabar Church

  1. Byzantine
    1. AlbanianChurch
    2. Belarussian Church
    3. Bulgarian Church
    4. Croation Church
    5. Greek Church
    6. Hungarian Church
    7. Italo-Albanian Church
    8. Macedonian Church
    9. Melkite Greek Church
    10. Romanian Church
    11. Russian Church
    12. Ruthenian Church
    13. Slovak Church
    14. Ukrainian Church

  1. Latin Rite (Western Rite)
    1. Roman Catholic Church (the below are not considered independent churches--Rites or Sui Juris ---in the same way as the Eastern Rite churches are)
                                                               i.      Anglican (those that converted to the Catholic Church)
                                                             ii.      Mozbarabic (Spain & Protugal)
                                                            iii.      Ambrosian (Milan, Italy)
                                                           iv.      Bragan (Portugal)
                                                             v.      Dominican (Order of Friars started by St. Dominic in 1215)
                                                           vi.      Carmelite (an Order started by St. Bethold in 1154)
                                                          vii.      Carthusian (an Order founded by St. Bruno in 1084)

With the Exception the Latin Rite church, all of the Rites are referred to as “Eastern Rite” churches. The Latin Rite makes up the vast majority of all Catholics world wide.

The Catholic Church has granted parishes to former Anglican and Episcopal bishops who converted to Catholicism (and their parishioners) starting in the 1980’s. The Church allowed them to use a large portion their own liturgy after being edited to be in correct standing with Catholic doctrine.


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