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The Catechism + the Bible are the two most important books a Catholic or perspective Catholic can buy.  The big green one is better to use as reference while studying the bible because it has an extensive index which includes referneces to many bible verses. Reading a chapter or two in the bible then looking them in the Catechism's index can give you a better understanding of the Church's stance on many subjects and also give you the best interpretation of the verses.

The Untied States Catholic Catechism for Adults is more of summary of the churches teachings in a more orgainized approach. It's easier to find the info on a specific subject, but not as useful for bible study. If you buy only one, I'd probably go with the big green one if you will focus on bible study, if you are just looking to learn more about the Church teachings, then the USCCA is better.

Additional Readings for New Converts or Perspective Converts:

Dr. Hahn is perhaps the best new theologian and "Rome Sweet Home" is the story of his conversion from a Evangelical Minister to Catholicism.

Reason to believe is Dr. Hahn's apologetics book that covers many of the hang ups a new convert may have with the Catholic Church. It argues against many of the common criticisms of Christianity and the Catholic Church in particular.  This is a good foundational book for the doubting Catholic as well.

The Mass is the greatest of all of the Sacraments and Dr. Hahn covers the origin, biblical foundation and meaning behind the great sacrament.

Stephen Ray much like Dr. Hahn is a convert and this his great telling  of it. He also extensively references the bible and other sources in the book which makes it a great study aid, perhaps even better than Dr. Hahn's "Rome Sweet Home".

More to be added as I read them.


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